Voxflor Mundi Base

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Mundi collection is composed by a series of four different products, developed on five tones of gray. Base represents the root for the whole system, totally neutral, offers a solid and fresh background for young professional areas, dynamic commercial spaces and hospitality.

Construction: Multi-level Loop & Tip Shear
Fiber: Voxflor Certified Nylon
Gauge: 1/10”
Stitches: 9 per inch
Pile Weight: 26 OZ/yd2

Average Pile Height: 5.0mm±0.5mm
Backing: EcoAce-Bac®
Tile size: 25cm*100cm
Area of Use: Commercial – General Duty

Anti-microbial: Ultra Fresh (Available)
Flammability: ASTM E 648 Class I, GB8624-2012 B1(C)
Smoke Density: ASTM E 662 Less than 450, GB/T 8627-1999
Static Propensity: AATCC-134 ≤ 3.5kV, GB/T 18044-2008


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